Audio Agency for Brands and Creators

Audio Agency for Brands and Creators

Who we are

About Us

AudioPlus are an experienced team of digital experts.

We educate & support brands to connect to their target audiences through a variety of formats, creativity & smart targeting options across Audio Platforms.

We promote total transparency, premium inventory & campaign insights to show how audio platforms should be a key consideration for brands.

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What we do

Helping Brands

With over 8 years of experience, AudioPlus are a trusted player in the audio space, having pioneered & delivered successful campaigns for a wide range of brands

Our expertise brings together Premium Inventory, Custom Solutions, Smart Targeting & Simple Set-up to ensure brands successfully reach their KPIs – offering them the very best in Music Streaming, Podcasts & Radio content & platforms. In addition AudioPlus can layer demographic, contextual & behavioural data to deliver the best possible results

With coverage in UK, France & Netherlands, our team can support brands throughout the process in a number of ways – from local & international buying; campaign planning & asset build; campaign set-up & optimisation, through to post campaign insights & recommendations – ensuring we always find the right solution for the brief

What we do

Connecting Audiences

Our highly engaged audience of audio lovers have a wide variety of interests & behaviours we can use for brands to target across a number of exciting solutions

In addition to content categories across Music genres, Playlists & Podcasts, audiences can be reached via demographic data, device, language, purchase intention as well as dynamic data points such as weather, time of day & location

Other over-index features of our audience are high mobile device consumption, urban dwellers, high household incomes & early adoption of Tech, Fashion & Culture

What we do

Engaging Solutions

AudioPlus provides brands with a wide ranging suite of advertising solutions, offering something for every budget and brand objective.

In addition to more standardised audio & video formats, which are perfect for user engagement, there are also a number of custom solutions available to drive awareness & brand alignment. These include working directly with talent, such as podcast host reads and artist sponsorship, through to playlist sponsorship & takeovers.

AudioPlus provide full campaign support, total transparency, easy set-up, programmatic buying options and end of campaign insights.

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