Podcasts: A Nationwide Home Invasion

Podcasting is a hot-topic for our industry at the minute and we believe that 2020 and beyond is presenting a wonderful opportunity for brands to use audio advertising to its full potential. And here’s why…

It’s safe to say that throughout 2020 people have been spending a lot more time in the comfort of their own homes. In the UK alone, the average Briton is now spending an extra 8 hours a day in their houses (The Daily Express, 2020). This has inevitably resulted in many finding comfort and a sense of escapism in the world of Podcasts. Studies are suggesting that 50% of people are now listening to Podcasts from home as opposed to listening at work (11%) or on their daily commute (25%). Similarly, there are now over a million active podcasts available to the public, which is an incredible feat considering there were only 500,000 active podcast accounts in 2018. Not only does this illustrate the rise of Podcasting however, it also presents an opportunity to advertisers.

With people spending considerably more time at home, brands are desperately looking for inventive ways to reach consumers and podcasting solutions are definitely starting to fall into this bracket. An online survey claimed that 69% of participants have been made aware of new products and services whilst listening to a Podcast. This shows the power podcasting as an advertising tool and illustrates how its engaging content can enhance the level of ad recall amongst consumers. Not to mention online spend, which has increased by a whopping 20% (YoY) in 2020 (Adweek, 2020).

We’re not sure about you but to us it seems like the perfect time to target such an audience…

Our team here at Mapp is working with a variety of podcasting solutions and we would love to show you what exciting formats we have on offer. Please get in touch if you are looking to step ahead of the curve & communicate with users in the comfort their own homes.

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