‘Tis The Season of Mobile

This holiday season we expect brands to be making the most of their enriched customer relationships which were established on social media and other mobile apps during the lockdowns of 2020. We can look to record breaking mobile trends over Black Friday and Cyber Monday to see how social media affiliates and discounts have taken mobile e-commerce to new levels.

Shoppers are now turning to a variety of apps for inspiration, with social media overtaking TV advertising in influencing purchasing decisions. Retail predictions were surpassed during Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, with 40% of Black Friday purchases being made on mobile. Surprisingly, 9% of mobile shoppers were new to this medium, but still eager to take advantage of the ease of access. (Adobe, 2020).

This mobile dominated season of shopping was driven by influencer partnerships and branded social channels. Brands can use sponsored challenges, promotions, deals and competitions to carry high sales into the new year despite significant loss of traffic in brick-and-mortar stores. Despite an overall decline in advertising spending over the pandemic, video ad spend is up 5.7% to £1.35bn, reflecting the growth of digital streaming and mobile screen time during lockdown (IAB, 2020).

Only 12% of shoppers were intending to stick with the same retailers they shopped with last year according to the Periscope 2020 Holiday Season study. And when asked where they found a new brand or product, 60% say on their smartphones, compared to 30% in retail stores. With more eyes on screens during cycles of social distancing, brands have gained new shoppers by keeping them hooked with interactive content.

A special focus and development of the digital consumer journey has made it easier than ever for shoppers to stay on top of seasonal deals. With 80% of customers wanting operational update messages for example, on the availability of items, brands have used these occasions of communication to deliver high impact influencer generated content and integrate new point-of-sale capabilities (YOTPO, 2020), such as “buy now” action buttons.

Brands have responded to the lack of retail options and developed these new ways to get the product to shoppers with ease. As 36% of UK respondents feel anxious/stressed regarding their retail experience this year (YOTPO, 2020), the most prominent promotions for consumers often involve deliveries. Even “61% of consumers admit to adding products to their shopping cart to hit a free shipping minimum.” (YOTPO, 2020) By coupling shipping discount codes with social media promotions brands have been able to push the social channels with highly engaged, new audiences.

The weekend of shopping before Christmas is traditionally defined by store-based traffic, as many shoppers browse for last minute gifts and deals. But this year we cannot expect stores to have that same capacity, so brands can look to their social channels and newly developed tap-to-buy e-commerce options creating a sense of brand loyalty with new customer whilst keeping existing shoppers engaged throughout the new year.

Our team here at Mapp is continually developing our influencer solutions and we would love to show you the exciting dynamic formats we have on offer. If you are looking to reach new audiences in the new year, we would love to hear from you!

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