Raising a Glass to Timing it Right

A short dive into how alcohol brands can successfully reach their audience

We know, we know… it’s been over a year of living in some form of lockdown and you just can’t drink as much as you used to.  For that reason alone, we know every drink we chose is more important than ever. 
Now we’re allowed out again it’s no surprise we’re seeing alcohol sales start to increase as most people begin to make up for lost time celebrating with family and friends! 
What does this have to do with you?  
It has a lot to do with you, it means that if you’re an alcohol brand that there is now more reason than ever before to make sure you’re reaching your audience in the most impactful way possible – which is…..in the right place & at the right time.  

beer, cheers
Context is King for Alcohol Brands

Brands have the challenge of audiences being on multiple platforms & devices, as well as being constantly on-the-go so how do they go about reaching these fast-paced individuals.  

Audio & Music platforms are a great channel for brands such as alcohol to tap into – not only is the right timing achievable but so is the context. This could be a playlist, an artist or even a podcast – delivering your message at the end of the working day to upbeat, up-tempo music or during a comedy show could be be a great way to align your brand with the right mood.  
Here at AudioPlus we’re no stranger to a successful alcohol campaign as we’ve run an array of campaigns for top brands such as Heineken, Asahi, Bacardi, Smirnoff to name drop a few. 

Asahi’s recent Summer campaign wanted to run across a platform that would allow them to stand out and communicate their distinct points of difference – promoting their brand as one of discovery.

Asahi used passion points to target the right crowd

Targeting users with their finger on pulse of music Asahi were able to plug into the energy of music culture and audiences looking for the next big trend.

The video asset reached that desired audience through 1st party demographic and content data to really spark engagement – the results proving this by reaching x2 of the typical video benchmark

If you have an interest in advertising your alcohol brand across any of our specialist audio platforms make sure you get in touch and our team will tailor knit you the best strategy possible, from start to end, ensuring you directly reach your audience through our specialised pinpoint targeting abilities.  


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