Making Strides in the Audio Space

Some say audio ads have been stuck in a rut for several years, continuing to remain pretty stagnant since the time of the radio era – when audio was the main form of consumption and entertainment for many. 
Arguably, we could still say that audio is the main source of consumption. When we think about the acceleration within the realm of digital audio innovations and the huge strides that have been made, we can begin to recognise the impressive depths to which the audio space has grown, not only do we still have radio technology but we now have a whole host of other related technologies, such as; Bluetooth audio systems, smart speakers, podcasting, on-demand music streaming platforms and a wide range of other upcoming related technologies such as binaural audio technologies! 
It is with this rich digital audio ecosystem that has been built that we are now beginning to rapidly see the potential that lies within these advancements. One of which being the ability for advertisers to ‘story-tell’ in a way like never before. Targeting, retargeting and bidding are 3 areas that we have seen consistent developments in, aiding advertisers in ‘successful ad placement’ by really allowing brands to tune into the audiences that matter most to them. The fine tuning of these areas has without a shadow of doubt been one of the huge contributors to the growth, we’ve seen in the audio market. The IAB UK’s 2020 Digital Adspend Report, shows that the current UK digital audio market has reached a staggering £103.7 million (annually). 
Furthering this, we’ve seen a huge uprise in the introduction of audio ad units across many social media platforms (such as YouTube – who have recently introduced a 15 second audio format). At AudioPlus we’ve been ahead of the game for several years now and have been journeying through these developments within the market from the very beginning. We therefore have great expertise in the industry and are able to offer premium audio environments and inventory to our clients – with each campaign specifically and uniquely tailored to the desired audience and key KPI’s, from purchasing behaviours to message retention.   

Esther Mason x IAB Audio Week

Earlier this month, Esther Mason, our campaign operations manager spoke as part of IAB’s Audio Week! IAB’s Audio Week involved a hugely insightful succession of webinars discussing where the future of audio is headed! Esther discussed how platforms are beginning to own different spaces within the music chain, with the likes of creator led SoundCloud and Tik Tok beginning to own the discovery stage of this process. She went on to discuss why it’s important for marketers to value the distinct differences between audiences and how this can provide incremental reach for brands. If you want to hear more from this and see the discussion, check out our recent post about it where you can find the link. 

The growth in this industry is reflected by companies such as ‘A Million Ads’ developing special technologies enabling ads to be personalised with names, dates, times, regions and even whether conditions. Similarly, when looking at podcasting within the audio landscape, we are able to run both dynamic insertions as well as more integrated host reads, enabling embedded brand messaging to start organic and authentic conversations. The use of host reads is supported by research showing that the use of ‘role-like models’ in advertising results in consumers being more receptive to messaging. 

Here at AudioPlus we bear all of this in mind and make sure that every campaign is fully optimized towards reaching the right audience, meaning the message will always resonate a little louder!  


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