Smart Targeting

While many are still waiting to see exactly what a cookie less world will look like for targeted advertising we believe brands should always be looking towards clean, consented data points to reach their target market.

Here at AudioPlus we believe in total transparency, both pre and post campaign, and define our 3 targeting options as Consented 1st Party, Contextual & Behavioural.

To highlight these further here are a few campaigns we have run recently that pulled on at least one of those 3 options:

Consented 1st Party Data ~ Asahi Discovery

Being an alcohol brand, the first layer of targeting has to be to ensure the ad was delivered to over 18s only – which is possible via the consented age & gender data audiences agreed to, typically on sign up to their chosen app.
Secondly, the brand wanted to pull on the ‘Discovery’ nature of the beer brand and target music & artists still out of the main-stream and being discovered by early adopters – reaching out to a like minded audience to ditch their usual tipple and discover something new.

Contextual Data ~ Together Against Hate

TFL used a host read to deliver an impactful message

TFL wanted to approach this very delicate subject in a way that was organic and part of the user listening experience rather than to just serve across a network targeted to generic data points.
This led us to source and work with a show where the subject matter could both be dealt with sensitively by the hosts and also received positively by the audience.
This approach ensured that listeners considered the messaging as a very important social issue rather than an ad-served public information ad, diluting its power.

Behavioural Data ~ Changes to UK Travel Rules

Over the last 18 months there have been a wide range of Government messages and quite rightly, considering the severity of the information, the methodology has often been large volume, “reach all” tactics.
However in this instance, the aim was to reach frequent leisure & business travellers, which we were able to target through plug-in behavioural targeting segments as well as content around travel.

You can read more in our case study section or contact us for more details


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