Footfall Attribution – for your best ROA

At AudioPlus, we can track Footfall Attribution after launching ads!

What is footfall attribution?

Footfall attribution, or Online-to-Offline measurement, is a way of linking impressions from digital marketing campaigns to actual store visits.

It is a valuable tool since showroom visits often follow online research, and online purchases often follow store footfall 📈.

What metrics are included to track footfall attribution?

  • Uplift Rate

Uplift rate indicates how successful an advertisement was in attracting customers to the point of interest (POI) 

  • Visit Rate

Visit rate is the average number of people by category (segment) who visit your store at a specific period.

We can use these two to determine the number of individuals in your store at any one time and the percentage of people that entered your store after seeing your ad.

Track Audio Effectiveness from Listen to Store Vist

What are the key insights you can gain from footfall attribution?

  • Visit Lift- you can gain post-campaign intelligence, including store visit life, dwell time, or brand affinities. 
  • Visit optimisation- you can optimise your campaigns in real-time! Through visit optimisation, you can quantify how frequently ad impressions lead to in-store visits.

In a nutshell, we can help you maximise advertising effectiveness and increase ROAs!

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