Brand Lift Study

Brand Lift – a positive shift in how prospective customers perceive your brand!

Brand Lift enables brands to measure the direct impact their ads are having on perceptions and behaviours throughout the consumer journey.

It essentially highlights the positive outcomes that your company has had as a result of launching a digital marketing campaign by proving a rise in consumer interaction with your business.

Through Brand Lift, members of the exposed and control audience are surveyed to measure key brand metrics:

  • Awareness of your brand
  • Favourability of your brand
  • Intent to take action
  • Memorability of your ad in market
  • Creative impact via engagement tracking

How it Works:

First, we start by separating a randomised control group that did not view your ad from an exposed group that did see it. 

Then, both groups are given a survey about the brand and its product category. Since the only effective difference is whether they saw your ad, it allows us to determine the lift attributed to your campaign. 

You can easily optimise your campaigns mid-flight based on these near-real-time results.

Measure how audiences react to audio ads

Brand Lift answers the questions like:

  • Do people recall listening to my ad?
  • Are my target consumers more aware of my brand after listening to my ad?
  • Are consumers more favourably aligned with by brand’s message after hearing my ad?
  • Do they intend to purchase my product?

It’s crucial to keep an eye on how people perceive your brand. And that’s what Brand Lift is for!

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