About Us

AudioPlus is an experienced digital audio sales team, having delivered a wide variety of brand campaigns since 2013

With access to a premium, engaged audience of over 50m users we support brands across the UK, France & Netherlands, to meet their campaign goals

AudioPlus proudly represent some of world’s biggest & boldest Music & Podcast streaming platforms, including official partnerships with Soundcloud, Deezer and Audioboom

“Through our partnership with Mapp Media & their ability to generate scalable revenue, we can deliver even more value to our podcasters in the UK”

Stuart Last Audioboom CEO

Our aim is to connect brands to their audiences through a variety of formats, creativity & targeting options.

Audio & Video are available both directly & programmatically and our custom solutions range from sponsored playlists & host reads to branded profiles & user competitions.

Sophisticated targeting options such as age, gender, genre plus a host of behavioural segments, enable pinpoint targeting & dynamic ad delivery resulting in fantastic results.

Having delivered 1000s of successful campaigns across multiple countries for over 8 years – we consider ourselves to be true digital audio experts.

“Working with Mapp Media is important for MediaCom as they are a company that provide relevant and effective solutions and audiences that our brands are seeking to engage with. Having worked closely with the team at Mapp we can trust them to deliver our campaigns seamlessly and with great results”

Charlie Yeates​ Trading Director, MediaCom​

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