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Placing sustainability & positive banking at the forefront of BNPP's global outlook

With the COP25 summit due to take place towards the latter end of 2019, BNP Paribas aimed to align their brand with sustainable investing and positive banking goals. The banking group wanted to make adjustments to their brand image reinforcing their expertise in EMEA and North America.

To do this BNPP teamed up with Flipboard, starting a conversation amongst their business executive target audience


The Client wanted to promote their climate change themed content, aiming their campaign at a variety of carefully selected audiences - those interested in topics such as Business, Thought Leadership, Technology and Politics.


FlipBoard was the perfect platform for this brief due to its ability to target consumers via their interests, making the app incredibly accurate when engaging relevant audiences. We ran native promoted content, in the form of Full screen ads, matching the style of the world class editorials on Flipboard in order to seamlessly distribute the brands content.


This campaign was incredibly successful and delivered amount of booked impressions in full whilst also managing to outperform the benchmark engagements rates. The native ads gained great exposure, remaining eye-catching without becoming overly intrusive. Also the CTA Buttons offered further engagement with the content and run URL’s across all placements.

Targeted consumers via interests e.g. Business, Thought Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Tech and Politics

This campaign performed very impressively with an average of 0.5% CTR’s overall and also saw CTR highs of 0.75% in Europe.

The Native Promoted Content solution seamlessly distributes brand content with the same form and functionality as the editorial on Flipboard. It’s a high impact format without becoming overly intrusive or invasive to the user’s app experience. Through this powerful yet delicate approach, BNP Paribas were able to effortlessly align their name alongside green banking and sustainable investment practices in an authentic and genuine fashion.

Marina Ruby, Sales Account Manager

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