BP & Pizza Express on Waze

Drive In, Dine Out

BP encourages Wazers to fill up and enjoy a free pizza.

BP targeted users of the Waze sat nav app to increase awareness of their petrol station locations and special offers throughout the UK. Their partnership with Pizza Express encouraged users to drive in, fill up and dine out for free.


To provide drivers with information on the locations of BP petrol and service stations across the UK, encouraging visits. Increase market share by attracting customers away from the competition and bring new visits to Pizza Express.


Using GPS navigation app Waze we were able to pin drop 1,000+ BP stations on maps across the UK and display a zero speed interstitial when users were within 2km of the nearest BP station. The messaging focused on attracting customers to fill up their cars with 40 litres or more 3 consecutive times to receive a free main meal at Pizza Express.


The activity generated over 16,000 navigations/re-routes from drivers into BP locations and a further 48,000 user engagements. Thousands of user’s redeemed vouchers in Pizza express throughout June and also used social media to share the experience using the hashtag #DriveInDineOut.

Over 1,000 BP locations

Over 16,000 Navigations

Over 48,000 user engagements

“Working with Mapp Media and the Waze app enabled BP to target drivers as to the locations of all our stations across the UK and encourage them to navigate from their current location onto the forecourt. The major advantage in using this platform was the data behind the engagement and being able to quantify exactly how many people drove into which stations and therefore the real value of the campaign”

Mindshare, May 2015

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