Coca Cola Chill Factor

Share Your Colours

After a challenging few months in lockdown, our Mapp Creators team helped promote Coca Cola’s brand new ChillFactor campaign across Denmark. This campaign encouraged users to swap out their dreary homeware, for a vibrant summer wear alternative… and all it took was one sip of their new ‘Slush-Ice’


The brief was designed to increase awareness surrounding Coca Cola’s ChillFactor drink amongst a youthful audience


Our Creators encouraged the public to create their own ‘Share Your Colours’ video using the Dual-Share feature on our Creators videos. This allowed users to post their challenge attempts alongside the influencers video. Boosting engagement rates through the roof


This campaign performed extremely well, seeing influencers start an authentic buzz around Coca Cola’s Chillfactor through visually impactful videos. Achieving an impressive 13% engagement rate, its clear that users were interacting and responding well to this campaign

200,000 Total Views

13% Engagement Rate

The key to TikTok is authenticity so by merging the colourful concept of the campaign with the fun & creative nature of our influencers there was not only a desire from the community to join in and put their own style & spin on the concept but also incredibly high engagement rates

Hannah Schaedler, Sales Account Manager

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