Directorate of Health Norway

Advising Young People Fighting Loneliness and Fear During COVID-19 Pandemic

During an unprecedented time of lockdown around the world, the Norwegian Department for Health wanted to find engaging ways to reach young people and deliver important messages around how they can best cope with being away from school, from friends and being able to do their usual activities.


The Directorate of Health in Norway wanted to reach a young audience and deliver messages around quarantine/isolation and fighting loneliness and fear during the Covid 19 Pandemic.


With a userbase dominated by Gen Z’s and the ability to run creative, engaging advertising solutions, Tik Tok was the perfect partner for this campaign. We ran an influencer campaign, working with 7 popular influencers across Norway. The influencers were asked to create multiple videos embodying the importance of speaking with friends and family and asking for emergency help if needed. They created engaging and powerful branded content videos as well as ran branded vertical videos across their channels.


This campaign performed exceptionally well, seeing influencers start an authentic conversation around quarantine and isolation and fighting loneliness and fear. The hashtag #Sammenalene was viewed over 2.2m times on Tik Tok.

7 Creators Joined the Campaign

Over 1.6m Video Views


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