Cycling Coverage on Discovery+

Podcast Acts as a Key Influence to Event Sign Ups

Discovery+ wanted to drive awareness of the vast range of cycling content available to watch on the platform, in particular the forthcoming event  

In order to reach an avid audience of cycling enthusiasts we tapped into some of our exclusive podcast offerings & partnerships to help promote the coverage of the event.

We ran host reads across a perfectly matched audience on ‘The Roadman Podcast’, which provided listeners with daily updates on the Tour and successfully convinced many to sign up to Discovery+ to stay up-to-speed with the latest coverage.

We also ran spot ads across our AP podcasting network, targeting cycling fans with keyword, demo & genre targeting. 

This campaign was a perfect fit for my audience, enabling me to blend the advertisement and the event together seamlessly & authentically, resulting in a hugely successful outcome for both the brand & my listeners

Anthony, Host of Roadman Cycling

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