Inspiring Young People to Live The Sims Life

In collaboration with the Wattpad community, EA’s latest release, The Sims, inspired their community of highly concentrated GenZ-ers, to create their own virtual world and #LiveTheSimsLife


Promote and raise awareness of ‘The Sims’ game amongst Gen Z in the UK & Germany


In collaboration with Wattpad, we launched the #LiveTheSimsLife & #LebewieDieSims Short Story Challenges. Utilised 3 influencers in the UK & Germany, we invited the community to tap into their creative juices and write about their dream world, without rules and constraints!​


- 9.4M impressions across UK & Germany
- 60K+ engagements & comments​
- 5.5% lift in brand awareness in the UK​
- 17.2% lift in people who are more likely to visit the website in Germany

Mass Entries

Wattpad hosted The Sims Story Challenge on their popular Fan Fiction Profile, which has close to 1m followers.
The mass reach and engagement led to multiple entries​ - from which winners received top Sims prizes

Our community was thrilled with the writing opportunity and shared story entries ranging from adventures with their pets, encounters with mermaids and just daily cooking life in their Sims homes

Tim Johnson, Wattpad

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