Michelob: Ultra Low Calorie Beer

Targeting a Healthy & Active Audience

Beers are not typically associated with a health conscious audience but Michelob’s new Light Beer is focusing on the low calorie angle and a ‘healthy’ reward for your workout

To do this, Michelob worked in partnership with a number of Fitness events over the year, including the Hackney Half Marathon


Michelob were looking to drive brand association between the Superior Light Beer ‘Michelob Ultra’ and fitness events, aimed specifically at locals and participants.


We implemented a tailored combination of integrated and high-impact formats across the Under Armour Connected Fitness suite of apps, the largest fitness community in the world. In addition we used 1st party data to target users aged 18-49 & geo-fenced areas around the events.


The results confirmed this ideal fit as the campaign delivered fantastic results across both native and dynamic solutions.
In particular, the Dynamic Interstitials performed extraordinarily well, seeing a CTR of over double the typical benchmark for this format.

Targeting users by their age & location around the event

Engagement on the reward based formats produced CTRs of over 9%

A great campaign that performed way beyond expectations thanks to the level of targeting we were able to apply to an already engaged audience. Many of the Under Armour Connected Fitness community were participating in these local events and reaching them with contextual reward increased Michelob's brand affinity.

Nathan Warner, Managing Director

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