Microsoft Band

for people who want to live healthier

The Microsoft Band campaign was the first in the UK for the device powered by Microsoft Health.

Our aim was to create awareness & excitement around the release to a highly engaged Health & Fitness audience.


Microsoft Health were looking to drive awareness of the new Band to fitness enthusiasts. The campaign aimed to position the band as a lifestyle product, helping users live healthier lives. In an increasingly competitive market, the main focus fell on displaying an alternative to the existing offerings.


We drove awareness pre-launch through high impact placements targeting health conscious, trendy, in market consumers already interested in wearable tech. We sent high impact blasts for the day/week of launch targeting health and fitness environments. Post-launch focused on targeting relevant environments with credible review content to increase purchase intent.


The campaign was seen and heard by over 500,000 fitness enthusiasts across our Connected Fitness portfolio. Viewability rates were 100% and engagement levels came to over 3% CTR. Post workout messaging performed particularly well, often peaking over 5% CTR. Microsoft saw huge increase in sales (over 10,000 bands sold) and hundreds of positive reviews.

100% viewability rates

Post-workout CTR surpassed 5%

500,000 fitness enthusiasts reached

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