Subway Influencer Campaign

Helping Norway make room for the new #ChickenChorizo Sub


Our Mapp Creators team utilised our network of influencers to help Subway promote and raise awareness surrounding their new Chicken & Chorizo Sub in the Norwegian market.

The perfect combination of branded video content and vertical ads on TikTok helped to create quite a stir amongst Subway’s target audience.


Subway wanted to create a campaign to promote their new Chicken Chorizo Sub that was being launched in Norway.


We ran branded video content with 5 influencers, which we then boosted on the ‘For You’ page. Alongside this, we ran two different vertical ads on the ‘For You’. Both the boosted videos and vertical ads were able to reach 100% of the clients target audience.


The Subway campaign exceeded expectations with the campaigns ads reaching a total of over 700,000 views.



Rates reached 3% (over benchmark)


Over 20,000 from the TikTok Community

“For this campaign we wanted to make some fun and organic content showing the influencers’ reaction to the product. We collaborated closely with the influencers and gave them some room for creativity, resulting in 5 unique videos that delivered exceptionally well”.

Carina Elise Godou (Sales Account Manager)

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