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Non-Stop Summer

The Sure ‘Non-Stop Summer’ challenge was the first Under Armour Connected Fitness challenge in the UK and drew in many participants across the country.


Sure wanted a positive way to tap into key moments of movement with their MotionSense range, making their core audience aware of how much they move and helping them to be more active.


A ‘Non-Stop Summer’ challenge was created. We drove participation via interstitials and personalised emails, rewarding those who logged 4 workouts or more per week with Under Armour prizes.


The Non-Stop Summer challenge activated over 10,000 participants who ran a total of 996,171 kilometres, logging over 100 hours of bodies in motion, resulting in over 66 million kcals burned.

10,000 participants

Over 100 hours logged

Over 1m KM covered

"Partnering with Mapp Media on this campaign allowed us to reach an extensive audience of fitness enthusiasts; the perfect means of promoting Sure’s Motion Sense Non-Stop Summer. The challenge generated large amounts of brand affinity with Sure among an audience who were excelling in hitting their personal goals and we were very pleased with the final outcome"

Neil Bruce, Head of Mobile at Mindshare

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