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TFL recently ran a campaign centred around tackling hate crimes on the network. They were looking to work with influential podcast hosts who could talk about their own experiences with hate crime. The goal was to address serious and worrying incidents on the TFL network, encouraging listeners to take action and report hate crimes. They also wanted to encourage users to show their support online using the hashtag #togetheragainsthate


We worked with Black Gals Livin, a societal podcast hosted by Vic and Jas who talk about everything from mental health to pop culture. We ran a live read across 4 episodes of the podcast, where the hosts discussed their own experiences with hate crimes on the network and directed users to where they can report incidents and crimes. The read was targeted to London listeners to ensure TFL were reaching only their key target audience.

As two authentic voices, Vic and Jas were able to start an organic and genuine conversation around the serious topic of hate crimes to which their loyal listeners were highly receptive.

The campaign performed extremely well, reaching and exceeding all listener benchmarks, garnering over 20,000 listens.



Listen to the show’s discussion here

Sourcing the right show & delivering an authentic brand message is a unique & effective way for brands to get their message across. Our role in leading the brand through the Podcast Sponsorship & Host Read journey is always very satisfying - particularly when we see this level of conversations being created.

Esther Mason, Business Development

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