Vita Coco on MyFitnessPal

Reach for the Beach

We ran a campaign for Vita Coco across our portfolio of fitness apps promoting their product range to our userbase of fitness enthusiasts.


Vita Coco wanted to reach a health-conscious audience that were logging similar products in their food diaries (coconut waters, vitamin waters, juices, sports drinks, etc.).


A variety of solutions were served in January, capturing the “New Year New Me” crowd. Layered targeting also applied to reach a receptive audience and establish learnings.


The combination of granular targeting parameters and alignment with the New Year proved fruitful as we bested benchmark performance rates across the board.

Dynamic Interstitial Over 9% CTR (Quadrupled Benchmark Rate)

MyFitnessPal and Vita Coco was the perfect marriage largely thanks to the unique and relevant targeting capabilities. The ability to pinpoint those logging certain food groups at specific times of the day enabled Vita Coco to reach their target market with a product designed to help them reach their health goals

Ryan Nash, Account Manager at Mapp Media

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