Wall’s Goodbye Serious on TuneIn

Take a break from the serious side of life

Our entertainment portfolio provided the ideal environment for Wall’s to be creative & playful with their range of ice creams throughout the British Summer.
The Goodbye to Serious campaign encouraged young adults to interact with a series of fun messages and executions to ‘take a break from the serious side of life’.


To find fun, innovative solutions to sustain interest in Wall’s light-hearted ‘Goodbye Serious’ campaign throughout the Great British Summer, from May to August. The campaign challenge was to involve bespoke solutions and innovative thermal-activation.


Thermo-targeted messages delivered across our entertainment portfolio, optimised around significant Summer events. Solutions included interstitials and an interactive 3D cube allowing users to scroll through the product range, targeted at 18-24 year olds in major cities.


The campaign captured the attention of our target audience, with engagement rates far above industry averages. Thermo-targeting was hugely successful, demonstrating incredible spikes in engagement as we were able to optimise by platforms, events, formats and creatives.

3D cube with 2% interaction and 100% viewability rates

Engagement Rates were 3 times the industry benchmark of 2-3% CTR

Thermal targeting exposed spikes in engagement

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