Targeting Gen Z Gamers

Sitting at the forefront of popular culture, SoundCloud dictates ‘what’s hot’ to it’s largely Gen Z and Millennial userbase. In addition, with 3 million users in the UK, SoundCloud presented the perfect partner for XBOX


Video Solution 

SoundCloud’s high impact pre-roll video unit is a sound-on, non-skippable advertising solution - delivering high VTR’s and impressive brand uplift scores

Smart Targeting 

In this case, implementing smart targeting layers ensured that XBOX are directly hitting their key target audience


Video Completion Rates exceeded 90%

User Engagement Performance

First Place for Brand Uplift

Brand Recall figures were the highest amongst all partners used for the campaign

A campaign that very much resonated with the high-index gaming audience on SoundCloud - for which the results were some of the best we have ever seen!

Aine Kilgannon, Head of Sales

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